Brazil After my long motorcycle trip around the Americas and meeting a girl in Brazil and saving up some money back in the US, I've moved to Brazil, the city of Mossoró in Rio Grande do Norte state. Here's a few random pictures, some also from before the move.

From before the move, messing around with macro shots around the house.

After the move:

An eye

Praia de Pipa, a little south of Natal in Rio Grande do Norte

Back in Mossoró, Leona the puppy, a shot from the quintal at the night time sky, and an awesome nearby tree with huge yellow flowing flowers that dwarf the leaves, and the local pizza place with a funny name: "UUH!"

I made a long bus trip to Salvador to pick up a motorcycle that my buddy was letting me borrow. It was a quick trip, but still pretty in places, but I'm not much a big city guy. Also on the way back, the Rio São Francisco, and an egret hatchery.